From the Civil Rights era to public education and voting gains in the 1980s to today, each generation of young Mississippian has been called upon to lead transformative change in the state. Making change in democracy is hard and requires each generation to step up and heed that call.

Based on cutting-edge data research, Ours To Change is founded on the principle that by engaging more voters aged 17-39, with shared values and a clear vision for the future, we can be empowered to vote and engage in the processes and policies that shape the future of our state.

In the coming year, we’ll work across the state to create opportunities for young voter registration, engagement, and turnout with an ultimate goal of giving young Mississippians a powerful voice in Mississippi’s governance.


Ours To Change Mississippi will increase voter engagement and turnout among 17 to 40 year olds. We will engage young voters to enthusiastically opt in to the political process by providing hopeful solutions and address shared values that bring us together.


Ours To Change envisions a Mississippi where engaged young voters vote in every election: city, state, and national. They engage with representatives to the point where politicians actively court young votes by creating policies that improve the quality of life for the young population. This will in turn improve the attractiveness for modern business, improved education, and a more vibrant economy to support young people to stay and contribute to Mississippi’s quality of life.