Now Hiring: South Mississippi Program Director

March 20, 2018

The position of South Mississippi Program Director requires a great amount of responsibility and is considered a leadership role within the organization. The individual filling the position reports directly to the Executive Director of the organization and is responsible for all operations within the geographic region to which they are assigned. They will be charged with overseeing the volunteer base within their area, engaging citizens with a focus on encouraging democratic involvement, and educating the constituency targeted by OTC on its five core values:

1. Voting is the basis of a democratic society

2. All children deserve a quality education

3. Government should be accessible

4. More women should hold leadership roles

5. Young entrepreneurs are important to Mississippi’s economic growth

The role of the South Mississippi Program Director focuses on the above mentioned core values and must exhibit a commitment not only through adhering to them, but being an active ambassador for them at all times. This individual is responsible for effectively spreading the message regarding these tenets throughout the community with an end goal of organizing an educated and engaged public who support these principles.

The OTC Program Director for South Mississippi will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Identify and support local community, school, and student leaders who are ready to advance civic engagement around the OTC value-based agenda;
  • Identify and support local organizations and institutions that will collaborate with OTC in advancing civic engagement;
  • Build and help coordinate a local agenda of issues and activities that energizes and supports local civic engagement and that align with the agendas of other local working groups across the state;
  • Cooperate and assist the OTC leadership and project team in developing regional and statewide communications, meetings, to assess strengths and limitations of potential collaborations
  • Assist local leaders and organizations in developing and using social media as an effective means of communication and outreach for civic engagement;
  • Promote the effective branding and outreach of OTC;
  • Keep local leaders and organizations involved in civic engagement informed and connected with OTC activities, meetings, and opportunities for collaboration across the state;
  • Collect and maintain information and data that document the civic engagement of leaders and organizations in northwest Mississippi and to coordinate with the OTC project team in building and sustaining a current statewide data base; and
  • Participate as an OTC project team member in developing and executing the project’s planning, strategies, activities, operations, and governance as needed;
  • Identify, recruit, prepare, and oversee Outreach Coordinators.

The OTC Program Director for South Mississippi will report to the OTC project’s executive director and will be responsible for working cooperatively with all members of the OTC project team.

The primary attributes an applicant should possess are:

  • Substantial knowledge and understanding of South Mississippi, preferably with experience in work or activities involving civic engagement;
  • Experience demonstrating the characteristics of a self-starter with a strong work ethic and an ability to listen to others;
  • Work products that evidence a critical thinker who has the ability to work with a wide range of diverse people;
  • Current circumstance that allow for flexible weekly work schedules;
  • Excellent communication skills as well as data management skills with proven capacities to use and produce through social media, web and online conferencing, and various software;
  • Deep, evident commitment to the values of Ours to Change Mississippi as well as an understanding of those who disagree with the OTC values.


For more information regarding this position or to make a confidential recommendation please contact:
Anthony Michelic / Executive VP / The PACE Group / 575.361.5513 /
John Lovorn / CEO /The PACE Group / 662.397.1955/