Kristen Dechert

Director of Women in Leadership
A native of Birmingham, Alabama, I have lived in Mississippi since 2005 and have become fiercely devoted to my adopted home. I believe our public goods and services, including schools, are a treasure and deserve to be protected and supported by our elected officials. In a state that lags behind in nearly every area, we cannot afford to leave skills and ideas on the table, and women are an untapped resource in this area for our state. As director of women in leadership, I work to improve the status and representation of women in government by recruiting and training women to run for office and work on campaigns.

Jehrod Rose-Alain

Outreach and Program Coordinator

As a resident of Jackson since birth and a product of Jackson Public Schools, I am well aware of the challenges that face the capital city and our state at large. I believe these challenges provide us with the opportunity to not just affect change on the surface level but to be the change we want to see– a change that is lasting and real. Ours to Change is a catalyst for such change and I’m happy to use my experiences, skills, and resolve to push Mississippi forward.

Josh Starr

Multimedia Producer

Since moving to Mississippi, I’ve found many varied and diverse communities have given me a home. Their unique perspectives and storied lives inspired me to be a journalist. As the staff multimedia producer for OTC, I am eager to use my journalistic experience to help voice the ideals and insights of the young Mississippians, who are fighting for the future prosperity of the state.

Samantha Holland

Outreach and Program Coordinator, North Mississippi

As a native Mississippian, a product of public schools, and the daughter of a teacher and attorney, I grew up witnessing the impact a quality education has on every level- from individual to state-wide. My parents instilled in me a deep appreciation of education and of people, teaching me to be open and accepting to all who cross my path. I believe that Mississippi and its people have so much potential, so much vibrancy, so much brilliance to offer the rest of the world. Ours to Change offers a way for me to be a part of a lasting movement that will propel Mississippi forward through the quality public education of its children.