Voting in the June 5th Primary Election, in 5(ish) Ws

May 22, 2018

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll know that June 5th is Primary Election Day in Mississippi. For this election, and every other one, we want you to vote. It’s not our business for whom you cast the ballot. What does matter, however, is that you’re politically engaged with and aware of the people and events that impact your day-to-day life. So, we broke it down for you, using the 5(ish) Ws:


👉 WHAT: The June 5th Primary Election

🧐 Wait, what?: To vote for the Congresspeople and Senators* who’ll represent Mississippi in Washington, D.C.

👀 Who’s running?:  Great question! With the Polling Place Locator from the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office, you can type in your address, and it’ll tell you not only where you need to vote, but also who all is on the ballot. Nifty, right? You can access it here. You can view a master list from the Secretary of State’s Office here.

🕰 When do I vote?: From 7AM to 7PM.

🌍 Where do I vote?: The Polling Place Locator does it all.

❓ Why do I vote?: Don’t believe the nay-sayers: showing up to the polls is a way to have your say. It is your right and responsibility to hold elected officials accountable and to let them know how you feel and what you and your community need in order to live the life you deserve. So read up on the candidates, hit them up and ask them questions, and on June 5th, cast your ballot!

*There will be a special election on November 6, 2018, to fill retired Sen. Thad Cochran’s seat in the United States Senate, currently held by Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith at the appointment of Gov. Phil Bryant. We’ll post more about that really soon, but in the meantime, here’s who’s running

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