A note on confirmation

With the voter-registration deadline of Oct. 8 fast approaching (Oct. 9 by mail), if you’ve registered to vote, there’s one more super-duper important step you need to take before the election: CONFIRM YOUR REGISTRATION!

One in five voter-registration forms isn’t processed due to clerk error, illegibility, or incomplete information, so not confirming could cost you come the November election. If, however, you’ve received your voter registration card in the mail, you’re all good. That’s all the confirmation you need. But if not, call your circuit clerk and get confirmation.

Normally, you can check your voter-registration status through the Mississippi Secretary of State’s website here, but it’s currently not up to date and is not working for everyone. So that’s it! Register, confirm, and vote Mississippi!


Ours to Change Mississippi

P.S. If you haven’t registered, here’s a link to the mail-in registration form. Please register. Mississippi needs your voice!