Supporting public education is not a partisan issue – it is a Mississippi value.

Our Vision

from our Director, Jessica Carter

1) Growth.

Our team presence will grow to cover the entire state. So much happens here that everyone should be aware of what’s going on from North Mississippi to the Gulf Coast. We want to keep everyone informed
and engaged – why fully funding public education matters to you, and what’s happening at the state capitol, no matter where you live.

2) Connection.

Ours To Change will be a catalyst for residents to become involved in holding our elected officials accountable, and making sure they represent the most pressing issues in our everyday lives. The biggest issue facing our state right now is public education, and investing in this chronically underfunded system is a foundational necessity for Mississippi.

3) Together.

Finally, we will do this together…”Ours To Change” means it is truly up to us. We are committed to moving Mississippi forward by providing all students with a quality public education. By listening, engaging, and taking organized action with each other we can, and will, make Mississippi’s public education system the best it can be!

Our Values

Our organization is centered around the value of public education and the children who rely on our public schools to fulfill their hopes and dreams for a brighter future. We value the investment made in public education because we know it yields a stronger, healthier Mississippi for generations to come. We value an educated population that is armed with the power of their vote in elections and their voice beyond the ballot box. 

Our Mission

Ours to Change Mississippi aims to be the top state-wide resource for empowering communities and voters with education and guidance to become active in making our state a better place. By offering resources and learning opportunities, we will engage Mississippians to become active voters and proactive constituents. Advocating for public education in communities throughout the state, our mission is to assure the our public education system is fully funded in 2020.

Our long term goals include: