What to Expect at a Candidate Forum

In case you didn’t know, there’s a huge election on November 6, 2018. That means now is candidate-forum season! Candidate forums are a great way for the general public to get to know people running for office. But there’s no reason attending should be intimidating! Here are some things to keep in mind before you go.


Be prepared to:


Carpool. Because you’re bringing all your friends when you go, right?


Hear a lot of talking. The purpose, after all, of a candidate forum is for you to hear what they’re all about in their own words. Be a savvy listener; read up on a candidate before and after you get there. Watch their YouTube videos, look at their social media. They’re people, just like you!


Ask the hard questions. Candidates want your vote because they exist to serve you—not the other way around. Know what your thoughts and ideas are important, and don’t be afraid to ask about what’s important to you.


Meet new people. Candidate forums will expose you to the ideas of other people there to talk to that candidate. Whether or not their political beliefs match yours, it will give you a great idea of what people in your community are concerned about; at the very least, you’ll likely learn something new and meet new neighbors!


Be who you are. You have as much right as anyone else to ask questions and get to know your political figures. Candidate forums are meant to be civil arenas; there’s a lot of First Amendment going on in there, after all. But it’s your right as a citizen to be able to communicate with your candidates. Exercise that right!


Candidates have to hear from young people. It’s the best way to make sure they understand that your concerns for the future matter. So be prepared to show up and make noise if you want. The future is ours to change!


After you hear out your candidates, make sure you’re registered to vote so you can help elect the ones you think will serve you best. Click here to learn how to get registered.