With a variety of ways to help, anyone can volunteer with Ours to Change as a C.R.E.W. member. We have four levels of volunteer opportunities, and it’s easy to sign up. You can read each of the volunteer role descriptions below or sign up to volunteer now.
Volunteering as a Community Leader
If you are someone who is very involved in education advocacy in your community and you are ready to get to work bringing people together to discuss how we can impact positive change, we need your help! You can work with OTC staff to organize events in your local community and support our efforts to mobilize people to the polls in support of public education such as phone banking and text messaging, connecting directly with constituents, and facilitating GOTV efforts.
Volunteering as a Runner
No matter what you your occupation is, there’s always an opportunity for you to speak up on behalf of the children in public schools. Even if education and civil engagement is not a part of your profession, you can still carry/spread our message to others in your community. Runners are volunteers who identify opportunities to connect the OTC message with other like minded organizations across sectors. Whether partnering to create events that spread our message or inviting the OTC team to connect with local social and civic organizations, these opportunities are critical to helping us reach our goals.
Volunteering as an Educator
If you are an educator and you’re looking to get involved in advocacy efforts centered around supporting public education and full funding we have several opportunities available. The OTC team will help support educator volunteers by providing support and training on writing op-eds, conducting house meetings among teachers, and providing platforms for teacher voice on critical issues impacting education.
Volunteering as a Wingman
If you are someone who understands the issues however, you do not have the time to be very engaged in OTC’s efforts join our crew as a wingman. Help to introduce us to community leaders and stakeholders in your community who can be involved and carry our message to others. Your connections are valuable in helping us to expand our network and inspire voters.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this quick survey to let us know how you can help! If you have more questions or want to share information regarding your community, please feel free to reach out to us at volunteers@ourstochange.org.