Our voice matters in elections as much as any voting group. In Mississippi we can have an enormous impact on policies that shape the quality of our everyday lives. By 2019, Mississippians under the age of 40 could comprise 43 percent of the state’s eligible voters.

As educated voters, we have the collective power to shape the policy decisions of elected public officials. The right to vote is the lifeblood of our democratic system. Voting in every election, especially local and state elections, is the best way in Mississippi to assure government is accountable, to make the system work, and to safeguard the rights of all our citizens and to ensure a brighter future.

2018 Elections

2018 is the year for electing federal posts, state court judges, and some members of the county boards of education. These are the positions:

Statewide and Multi-County Elections:

Local Elections:

County Board of Education in Districts 3 and 4

All running for Levee Commissioner, Judicial Offices, County School Board and special School District Trustees are non-partisan elections. No primary elections, only the general election.

2018 Election Dates

May 7: Deadline for In-person voter registration to vote in June primaries.

June 5: Primary elections for federal offices and election of Levee Commissioners.

June 26: Primary runoff elections for federal offices.

October 8: Deadline for In-person voter registration to vote in November.

October 9:  Deadline for postmark of mail‐In voter registration to vote in November.

November 6: General election for U. S. Senate and U. S. House of Representatives, Judicial Offices, County School Board Members and special School District Trustees.