Your Guide to Runoff Voting in Mississippi

This November, Mississippi is holding its gubernatorial elections. These elections are important because we’re voting on the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Secretary of State seats, along with state executive offices, state senate, state house, and special state legislative. All statewide positions will be up for grabs this year, so the next slate of elected officials will play a huge part in Mississippi’s future.

Important Dates to Remember

The August 6 election has passed, but the primaries aren’t over yet! There are four seats that will be voted on in the runoff election. 

We’re here to help you get ready for the runoffs on August 27. 

For information on who’s going to be on your ballot, check out Ballotpedia and fill out the Sample Ballot Lookup tool

Things to Remember

Before you head to the polls on August 27, it’s important to note some factors that might affect your voting process. 

Mississippi is an open-primary state, so you don’t need to be affiliated with a specific party to vote in its primary. But once you vote in a party’s primary, you aren’t allowed to vote in the opposite primary if there’s a runoff. 

So, in this year’s case, if you voted in the Democratic primary, you aren’t allowed to vote in the Republican primary runoffs. If you voted in the Republican primary, though, you are allowed to vote in the runoffs!

If you didn’t vote at all in the primaries but you are registered to vote, then you can still vote in the runoff on August 27! 

If you aren’t sure whether you’re registered to vote or not, you can check on the MS Secretary of State’s website. The 30-day-prior mark to vote in the runoff on August 27 was July 29, but you can still register to vote until October 7 for the general election on November 6! 

Since Mississippi doesn’t allow online voting registration, here are two ways you can register: 

  1. Call your Circuit or Municipal Clerk’s Office. Find your Circuit Clerk’s contact information! 
  2. Print the application and mail to your Circuit Clerk’s Office!

Voting in the runoff is just like voting in the regular election. Polling places are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Check out our In-Person Voting Guide for more information on how to vote on August 27!